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and helps organizations, large and small, making the web better, easier, and more fun.

I’m Andrea Corsini, an Italian software designer » developer » engineer » lover based in London, and founder of RS1 Project.

a brief overview
of our studio

Panoramic view of people talking at the Sky Garden in London.

We like to define ourselves as a creative studio, as our solutions stand at the crossroads of art and technology.

We are a web agency, and we help businesses and individuals make the most of their online presence. Everything matters on the web, and it takes capable hands like ours to turn an idea into a unique online experience.

But it might be better also to say we are a software house, as we develop software used by thousands of people daily and constantly strive to improve it.

Each of these three divisions shares the same essential goal: to produce the highest quality software that benefits its users instead of hindering them, which is both beautiful to look at and use, and which embodies a space where users wish to return.

Panoramic view of people talking at the Sky Garden in London.

behind the name

The name RS1 is an acronym composed of the Italian words: "Ricerca & Sviluppo #1" (Research & Development #1).

We decided to include "Project" in the long form of the name because we know our journey in technology is an ongoing effort, not a static experience.



At the core of our values is the constant research of new ways to harness technology to solve problems around us by unconventional means.



Our expertise is knowing how to turn the most abstract ideas into actionable ones by developing code that does deliver. And that's just as flawless.



We strive to set the bar high in software development, and our aim is for our customers to think of us as the number one in this market.



It is vital to have solid project planning in place, highlighting the challenges of the chosen solutions to ensure seamless progress of the task.

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